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Join us


We're happy to hear from anyone who might want to sing in any section of the choir.

And we always need more male voices.


You don't need a brilliant solo voice:
a choir is a team where individual voices join  and swell into a lovely sound.


And it's not essential to read music.
The way we learn and rehearse helps everyone to develop their singing.


We look for potential, enthusiasm  and commitment rather than technical musical knowledge or stunning ability.  


So if you think you might like to join us...

get in touch then come to a rehearsal

to hear and see it for yourself.


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The Quaynotes


All we ask of our choir members
is that they love singing... can hold a note...

and turn up to rehearsals and concerts.

You just have to do your best... and enjoy yourself.


We rehearse in Carew for a couple of hours a week -

normally on a Thursday evening, although during

the Summer we move to a Wednesday before

taking a few weeks break.


We don't enter competitions.

We sing for the sheer pleasure of it.

It's a brilliant feeling as it comes together as a lovely sound.


There's no joining fee... just a small quarterly subscription
to buy  music and help keep the Quaynotes going.


There's nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.


So why not get in touch?

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